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Welcome back! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing me. I can not wait to see you again and catch up!

If you are a new guest, please choose a New Guest package from New Guest page. 

Here are some packages I put together of my most popular services for ease of booking. All packages come with a haircut, gloss, and treatment. Don't need the ends refreshed or a  haircut, then book from the a la carte menu!

Enhance & Refresh

Root touch-up with end refresh OR All over color.

This is for someone looking for gray coverage, enhance current color, &/or rebalancing faded or dull/brassy tones

*includes Haircut, Metal Detox treatment, and style


1.5 hrs

Signature Highlights

All over highlights of any combination. (Balayage, foils, could include root blur/smudge) This includes a photo finish gloss.

*includes Haircut, Metal Detox treatment, and style 


2.5 - 3 hrs

Partial Highlights

Maintenance appointment for someone who has highlights. Usually consists of highlights around face and top part line. Will also include a refresh photo finish gloss. 

*includes Haircut, Metal Detox treatment, and style


2 hrs

Roots & Mini Highlight

Roots touch up to cover gray or deepen color, then add highlights around face or top part line and photo finish gloss

*includes Haircut, Metal Detox treatment, and style 


2 hrs

Color Transformation

Ideal for someone looking for a total color change (think dark to light, or light to dark)


*includes Haircut, Metal Detox treatment, and style




3.5-4 hrs


What is Balayage?
Balayage is a french word that means "to sweep." In this hair color technique, highlights are hand-painted or "swept" on the surface of sections of the hair. Balayage highlights mimic a sun-kissed look and are usually just a few shades lighter than your base color, giving your locks natural depth and dimension.
Balayage is best suited for someone looking for a more natural, softer look, or someone who wants to lighten their hair in sessions over time.
Balayage is the most gentle way to lighten the hair. 

What is Foilayage?
Similar to balayage, foilayage is a technique where color is painted onto individual sections, then encapsulated with a foil to enhance the beautiful, sun-kissed technique for brighter results in one session. 
Foilayage is good for darker brunettes or someone looking for significantly lighter results with the same low maintenance, balayage look. 


Metal Detox removes harsh metals in your hair caused from hard water, resulting in 86% less breakage and better color results. My guests have also notice since receiving this treatment and using the home care they have significant less fading and are not "going brassy" . Metal detox is a must if you color your hair!
Post Acidic Sealer is a shine sealing treatment that strengthens the hair fiber for optimal protection and intense, long-lasting shine of color treated hair. This treatment is perfect for redheads, brunettes, or right after a gloss to seal the cuticle and protect color from fading. 

Prevention is better than a cure

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